Cabs for Sale

  • We have turquoise cabochons for sale at our store, the American Antique Mall.          
  • Below are just a few representative cabochons from our vast selection. 
  • We have a variety of colors with a variety of unique characteristics.  Do you have a piece of jewelry for which you need a cabochon? We can possibly color match your other cabs! We also BUY turquoise cabochons!

Click on any picture for a magnified view:

IMG_4565 IMG_4561 IMG_4549 IMG_4560 IMG_4547 IMG_4559 IMG_4558 IMG_4546 IMG_4551 IMG_4545 IMG_4543



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↑↑↑ Turquoise for crushing for jewelry or furniture chip inlay.

If we don’t have the turquoise cabs your looking for, we have access to other major turquoise dealers.

The American Antique Mall is home to Turquoise Cabochons. 3130 E. Grant Road, Tucson, Arizona, 85716.

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