Choosing the right Cabochon

Most noteworthy, here are jewelry mountings along with the cabochons ready for trimming and mounting.  

  • Most importantly, when choosing a stone, make sure it is worthy of the complexity of the mounting.  For example, you don’t want to put a cabochon of valuable Bisbee Turquoise in a plain mounting!
  • In general, blue turquoise is more popular than green turquoise.


First of all, here is a 1940’s Fred Harvey era ring with Bisbee Cabochon in the foreground


Secondly, here is an elaborate Bell Trading Company ring mounting that deserves a Kingman water web Turquoise stone.


Thirdly, this nice ring with embellishment is worthy of an interesting matrix stone.


Fourthly, this decorative bracelet deserves a nice Kingman (stabilized) stone.


Also, this sandcast bracelet is ready for a medium blue turquoise stone.


Again, this average bracelet is ready for an average blue turquoise stone. *Note the sawdust which is distributed behind the stone for cushioning purposes.


Also, this pendant with bear claws will frame a matrix blue turquoise stone perfectly.


Lastly, this pendant will look great with this interesting (stabilized) Kingman cabochon.

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